Git Commit Hooks, linting and formatting the code with Prettier before committing it to GitHub using Husky.

Let’s get started

  • .eslintrc.json
"extends": ["next", "next/core-web-vitals", "eslint:recommended", "prettier"],
"rules": {
"@next/next/no-img-element": "off"
  • .prettierrc.js
module.exports = {
trailingComma: "es5",
tabWidth: 2,
semi: true,
singleQuote: false,
arrowParens: "always",
useTabs: true,
bracketSpacing: true,
yarn add -D husky
"prepare":"husky install"
yarn prepare
yarn husky add .husky/pre-commit "echo Welcome to the Cutieverse!"
"scripts": {
"lint": "next lint",
"format": "prettier --ignore-unknown --write .",
"prepare": "husky install",
"precommit": "yarn lint && yarn format && git add -A ."

The problem


software engineer. web3 enthusiast

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Terchilă Marian

Terchilă Marian

software engineer. web3 enthusiast

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